Meet The Team

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team
to really mess things up.”

Adam Kriz, AV Technical Director

Adam Kriz

AV Technical Director

Adam’s love for broadcast started at a young age of 13, collecting old televisions and video cameras he built his own broadcast studio in his parents garage. Today Adam works as a red seal electrician, electronics technician, wireless technician and AV technical director. Adam volunteers for TEDxKids@BC acting as AV Technical director, he also volunteers with the North Shore Amateur Radio club as a board director and North Shore Emergency Management as emergency communications team member.

Josh Hemond, Production Manager

Josh Hemond

Production Manager

Josh has a personal interest and passionate for TED talks, and TEDx events. Josh has helped produced more than 7 TEDX events, and 75 TEDxtalks. Josh excels at branding/identity, strategic marketing, communications, media relations, project management, writing, and social media. Josh has a strong technical background and understanding of technologies which enables me to grasp complex subject matters and synthesize findings into succinct communications for others to understand.

Shane Nilsson, Chief  Aerial Photographer

Shane Nilsson

Chief Aerial Photographer

Shane is passionate about gadgets and is eager to learn about whatever is on the bleeding edge of technology. He has over five years’ experience working in the audio visual field in both the public and private sector. His experience includes working for one of global leaders in audio visual production, PSAV, and for Simon Fraser University.

Tyler Nilsson, AV Technician

Tyler Nilsson

AV Technician

Tyler’s love of a wide variety of technology led him to the field of production because it is one of the few fields that combines technology from a range of disciplines and really exercises his breadth of knowledge. Tyler has a long history of working in Audio Visual and production having working at Simon Fraser University as an AV Services Technician for over five years.